Hotel Recruiters

Hospitality Recruiters: The Best in the Business

When you need to fill a position for a hotel executive, the process can be time-consuming – even frustrating. Let our hotel recruiters and management specialists at Bentley Price Associates, Inc. assist you to find the hotel management executive that best reflects your hotel’s or chain’s unique needs. With over 39 years in the hotel executive recruiting business, we have access to the highest quality candidates through our extensive contacts in the industry. Our hospitality recruiters engage in a careful and thorough filtering process, based upon your specific needs and criteria. We then offer you a handful of the most qualified individuals. This allows you to make a choice from a handful of the best in the business – those that are the best match for your hotel.

Hotel Management Recruiting Firm: We Identify the Best Executives in the Business

We offer our professional services to domestic and international hotel companies, casinos, luxury independent hotels, boutique hotels, and other hospitality industry firms, both in the US and overseas. The executive recruiting team at our firm has extensive experience working within the industry, and has exceptional insight when it comes to matching the right person with the right management position. Our hotel recruiter will carefully evaluate the background, experience, and earlier accomplishments of the candidates for the position, and we identify those unique individuals that will best work within the structure and corporate culture of your hotel or chain.

The management team at your hotel or hotel chain has a significant impact on its continued growth, expansion and success. Our firm does the work of evaluating the potential candidates for the position so that you can choose from the best of the best.

Executive Recruitment: Bringing Top Executive Talent to Your Hotel or Casino

After the most qualified candidates have been identified, our hospitality recruiters will bring their profiles to your attention. Before pursuing further actions, we await your opinion to ensure that each of the candidates we’ve chosen meet your expectations and demands. If a candidate or two have met your requirements, we will begin contacting the individuals you have selected.

Executive Recruiting: Approaching Potential Management Recruits

You can count on our hotel recruiters to approach potential candidates with discretion. Everything will be kept private, as we sound out their position with exploratory talks. When favorable, we will begin setting up meetings between the two of you.

Meeting with the potential candidate can be crucial. If requested, a hotel recruiter from our firm can be at hand to introduce you and perform other tasks.

Hospitality Recruiters: Always Ready to Fill the Next Executive Position

After hiring, we always keep in touch with our clients and maintain strong relationships. Finding talented executives is not a task that only happens once in a lifetime. You will always need the services of a hotel executive recruiter as your hotel and casino expands.

Helping to expand the hospitality and gaming industry is one of the reasons why we continue to work hard and reach out to our clients. Aside from being an executive recruiter, our firm also provides a forum for hotel and casino executives to discuss the problems of the industry and help create solutions through our get-togethers.

The Bentley Price Advantage

Because we have the resources and means to match an organization and a position with the exact candidate, our executive recruiting services can help save hotels and casinos considerable time and expenses. Your organization won’t have to leave a post empty for long, and we’ll work to help you quickly benefit from the skills our recruits possess.

For more than three decades, our executive recruitment has helped numerous hotels and casinos find executives that fit their organization. We are well-recognized in the hospitality industry and in an ideal position to assist you.

We have intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry. Our team of executive recruiters has held relevant positions and can help you fill your executive positions and hospitality jobs through our vast network, which have been cultivated over the years.

For more information, contact a hotel recruiter from Bentley Price Associates, Inc.