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Anticipating a Guest’s Needs

In the hospitality industry, whether a hotel chain, a casino or a boutique hotel, the importance of anticipating a guest’s needs is
essential if you wish to provide the highest level of quality service. Anticipating a guest’s needs does not require you to have any special powers other than the power of observation. By observation, you can anticipate and better fulfill your guests’ needs.

One of the recognizable marks of a top-of-the-line, high-end hotel or casino, is the uncanny ability of its hospitality staff to anticipate a guest’s needs and provide them with the information or services they require. This skill can be developed in any staff with effective training. Any hotel or casino can provide its guests and patrons with the same level of service by training managers and staff to be observant and attentive in anticipating guests’ needs. The return in profits can be significant.

An alert hotel employee who sees a guest stop by displayed listings of all in-house shows, should stop and ask if they can help by
providing recommendations, making reservations, or securing tickets. An employee who notices a hotel guest with a confused look, walking through the lobby with her kids in tow, all of them in swimwear, should stop and offer their assistance in directing them to the pool. An alert staff, trained to observe and anticipate the needs of their guests, makes the difference. Your future bookings will reflect this level of care.

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  • Ms. Preeti

    It’s always important to anticipate the guest needs, for that hotel employee requires an eye for detail. Training of the staff should be in such a way that they should be able to handle any situation at the given point of time.A smiling face is always welcome don’t provide a guest with a wrong information excuse yourself & get the right information & then delivered it to the guest. A guest will be pleased with your honesty. A Guest check-in at the middle of the night at your hotel a employee ask the guest if he/she can be of any further assistance. A guest says that he would like to have food delivered to his room as fast as possible an alert employee can take down the order for the food & place the order while taking a check-in of the guest. Inform the guest that food will be send to his room soon. In turn this will increase the room sales & profit in future.

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